Working for Finlandia was a pleasure. I loved the pure clean style using a lot of white, the untouched nature of Finland and the vodka itself.
Finlandia Vodka Midnight Sun event
We developed new design system for Finlandia Vodka Midnight Sun event. Our idea was to create a design system which could be used as a clear identity for the event and which could be adapted to work on various materials. With this in mind, we developed a digital Sun which is made from rectangular boxes and allows us to fit various content into them and to showcase particular topics and emotions.
ATL campaign proposals / Stay Pure
ATL campaign proposals / Welcome to Finlandia
ATL campaign proposals / Welcome to Finlandia 2
Finlandia Vodka new visual look for new bottle launch campaign
The new bottle supposed to be launched and aligned with the new campaign we wanted to launch new layout design principles. The new bottle focused to highlight the ice sculpture. Making the bottle more organic. In the team we played with this idea and I designed very attractive design principles.
ATL campaign proposals / A Natural Attraction
The campaign launched to introduce new range of flavoured Vodkas.
Client Finlandia Vodka
Agency Arnold Worldwide Prague
AD Pavel Smidingr, Vladimir Adamovic, Petr Slobodzian
CW Christopher Cook, Maie Crumpton
CD Michal Siml, Eda Kauba, Dejan Stajnberger
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