During my career I worked for all 3 mobile communication companies on the Czech Market - T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone. But the longest period of 3 years I spent with O2. I actually worked for its predecessor Eurotel and due the the knowledge of the background I was part of team working closely with with the London agency Lambie Nairn on the launch of the new brand on Czech and Slovak market. During the time I worked on many local campaigns, sale magazines, store rebranding project etc. Below you find some examples.
O2 Cloud campaign
Print campaign offering cloud services for small and medium businesses in Czech republic. The campaign launched in business and IT magazines.
O2 Blackberry
Campaign promoted in the time the perfect business phone on the market - the Blackberry. Campaign launched in various print media across Czech republic and in outdoor. Campaign had several stages with different print visual during a couple of month.
O2 magazines
Although O2 has focus on technology and new ways on communication their important selling material were always monthly magazines. The customers would find in them always the best current offers, tips for new games, extra stuff for phones and also some articles. As agency we work for Czech and Slovak market and I designed and artdirected production of several of them. Below you will find some examples.
O'smelte sa

magazines for Slovak market for customer with age 30 to 99 
O'drazte sa

magazines for Slovak market for young audience

magazines for Czech market for young audience

double side informational leaflet for young audience

product sale brochure for O2 TV service for Czech market for customer with age 30 to 99 
Client Telefonica O2 Czech Republic
Agency Euro RSCG Prague / currently Havas Worlwide Prague
AD Pavel Smidingr, Vladimir Adamovic, Petr Slobozdian, Daniel Petryca
CW Radim Kubicek, Robert Valentin, Jiri Hubacek
CD Michal Siml, Eda Kauba, Andrea Walker
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